The Art of Signs

Signs add visual interest to this outdoor patio.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs… It’s true, everywhere I look I see signs being used as accessory art in the home and I’ll admit I’m a collector. I think it started when a friend of mine gave me a sign that reads “Don’t mess with my Feng Shui”. Now I’ve collected several and continue to look for more. In particular I like distressed looking signs, but I also choose them for the message.  For the most part signs are an inexpensive way to add art to a space. The right sign in the right place adds visual interest, can be inspiring and might even help strike up a conversation. If you like the idea of a custom sign you can try a site like Saltbox Signs or Etsy is great if you want more of a selection. Do you have any signs? If so do you have a favorite?


Summer Hours

During the summer my schedule doesn’t seem to be my own. My kids are home, my husband works fewer hours and the warm weather is always beckoning me outside. Try as I might I just can’t seem to focus on the tasks at hand. Why do it today when I can relax on the patio instead? This is the point where I should be suggesting some sort of solution, right? Well I’m not sure I have one. Instead I’ll suggest you bring it outdoors if you can and do the best you can to stay focused.

Summertime is a time to relax, a time to move a little slower and the only time of year there are flowers we can take time to smell! So right now I’m sitting in my summer office, writing about summer, thinking summer thoughts and being in a summer state of mind. Take a look at my summer office and let me know what you think.

Summer Hours


My Year of Travel

So far this year I’ve been traveling more than usual. In fact I just returned from a road trip with my two sons to visit colleges. While this has little to do with design and decorating, I would like to report that there are some very beautiful colleges out there.

American University in Washington, DC has absolutely stunning gardens, Elon University in North Carolina is beautifully landscaped and Belmont University in Nashville almost has the feel of a New Orleans mansion. Inside these universities are updated and very tastefully done. Honestly, it made me wish I were looking at the schools for myself.

As far as decorating, I’d have to say the gardens inspired me with some ideas for my outdoor spaces. The weather in the Northeast is just starting to bring us some nice days so I imagine I’ll be digging, transplanting, repainting patio furniture and more, but before I get very far I’m heading off on my big trip for the year. I’ll be spending two weeks in Chaing Mai, Thailand and I’m sure I’ll return with many ideas.

In the meantime I’d love to hear about your outdoor decorating, so send a comment and if I can I’ll post from Thailand.

Elon University Garden