Master Bath Remodel

Master Bath Remodel.


Vacation in Design

When I go on vacation I love to stay in attractive, well designed places. Often returning home with new ideas and inspiration. I like to feel I’m spending my hard earned money as much for the visual treats and ambiance as the destination attractions. For example, I love Cape May,  New Jersey. Not only because it’s a great beach vacation, but it’s a design feast with historic Victorian architecture. The past couple of years they’ve had a a designer show house which is usually and old Victorian mansion remodeled and decorated by the local designers.

This coming week I’m headed south to North Carolina and Tennessee. I’m hoping to get a little shopping in and be inspired by local trends and crafts. North Carolina is of course the furniture capital of the world and well known for outlets. With limited time I’ll be lucky to get in a shop or two so I’m sure I’ll be inspired to return.

Shopping isn’t the only way to be inspired, local architecture and culture can inspire but sometimes it’s just the place you stay. A recent search on VRBO brought up an interesting property called Martini Modern in Sarasota , check it out it’s a design feast and available for rent.

Martini Modern

Wherever you go,  whatever you do design inspiration is everywhere. How have you been inspired lately?

What Exactly Is Redesign?

Condo Living Room Before

Interior redesign is the creative placement of existing furniture and accessories to better enhance the appeal and flow of a room. In most cases people who are interested in redesign either like their existing furniture or they don’t want to spend money on new furniture. They may plan to stay in their home or they may be planning to sell. In either case a lot can be accomplished with what they already own.

This living room has older upholstered pieces with dated but neutral fabric. This shot was taken looking into the room from it’s main entrance. Although the large cabinet is the focal point, it seems like there is too much going on.

Condo Living Room After

The after shot is less busy, a little more balanced and much more attractive to look at. Your eye moves directly to the focal point which is balanced on either side with the other furniture. The room is warm and welcoming and has a much better flow. It took about three hours for this to be accomplished and nothing was purchased.

So what exactly is redesign? It’s furniture and accessory rearrangement sprinkled with a touch of magic.