How to Visualize, Search, Find and Save Money on Furniture

As you can probably tell from my previous posts…I HATE PAYING FULL PRICE…and I almost never do.  Recently I had a major success with some dining chairs. In my mind upholstered chairs would be the perfect look for a dining room off an open kitchen, with a look of casual elegance, so the search was on.  Consignment shops, flea markets, furniture stores and tag sales were scoured for just the right set at the right price. Occasionally I would stumble upon a chair I liked for the room, but pricing or fabric was often the issue.  So I’d say for more than a year my search continued on and off when the opportunity presented itself.

Original chairs

Finally my efforts paid off when on a trip to a fabric store, Chintz and Prints (another story), I stumbled upon McGeorgi’s Antiques down the road. It was really a fluke that I ended up in this store, so when I walked in and found my chairs I was quite surprised. Eight upholstered dining chairs in, almost perfect condition. My only concern was the fabric, but at about $100 per chair, I could recover them and still be ahead. Well I didn’t buy them on the spot, I agonized for a few weeks, (which I don’t recommend) and finally returned to purchase them, hoping they would look good when I got them in the space.

How they looked at McGeorgi's Antiques

How they looked at McGeorgi’s Antiques

Now they are in the space and I think they look great as they are. No need to recover and similar new chairs can easily sell for $400 or more, most likely more! I’d love to hear what you think of my find and would love to hear about any great finds you’ve come across. Also if you are in the Newtown, CT area, be sure to check out McGeorgi’s Antiques, he’s got a wonderfully eclectic collection.

The chairs in the dining room.