Vacation in Design

When I go on vacation I love to stay in attractive, well designed places. Often returning home with new ideas and inspiration. I like to feel I’m spending my hard earned money as much for the visual treats and ambiance as the destination attractions. For example, I love Cape May,  New Jersey. Not only because it’s a great beach vacation, but it’s a design feast with historic Victorian architecture. The past couple of years they’ve had a a designer show house which is usually and old Victorian mansion remodeled and decorated by the local designers.

This coming week I’m headed south to North Carolina and Tennessee. I’m hoping to get a little shopping in and be inspired by local trends and crafts. North Carolina is of course the furniture capital of the world and well known for outlets. With limited time I’ll be lucky to get in a shop or two so I’m sure I’ll be inspired to return.

Shopping isn’t the only way to be inspired, local architecture and culture can inspire but sometimes it’s just the place you stay. A recent search on VRBO brought up an interesting property called Martini Modern in Sarasota , check it out it’s a design feast and available for rent.

Martini Modern

Wherever you go,  whatever you do design inspiration is everywhere. How have you been inspired lately?


2 thoughts on “Vacation in Design

  1. I once stayed in an incredible chateau in Provence. They had the most luscious table cloths – one layer a burnt orange-ish color and the top layer a rich gold. I fell in love with the vibrance and the color and the soothing effect they had on my soul. I wanted to buy the fabrics to bring home. I would have paid anything… They wouldn’t sell them and sent me off on a wild goose chase to all the fabric stores in the area. I bought some other tablecloths that were wonderful but nothing like the ones in the chateau that I still remember all these years later. They had certainly inspired me!

  2. In 2005 I went to India and fell in love with all the fabrics, I brought home several items and have enjoyed them in my decor. In a couple of weeks I’m on my way to Thailand, hoping to find some exciting things and I’m hoping I can have some things made for my house….I’ll let you know how I make out! There’s something special about bringing different parts of the world to your home, it makes me feel more connected. Thanks for looking at my blog.

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