Getting Ready for your Open House

If you’re planning to sell your house, once you have it listed you have to be prepared to open your doors to prospective buyers. In some cases you’ll have very little notice, which means keeping your house in top shape all the time. Even in the best circumstances this can be difficult.  If you have prepped your home with a professional stager you should be organized but the prospective buyers are on their way and you need to be ready. Running around the house picking things up, dusting, opening windows, putting away dishes, cleaning counter tops and so on can get a little crazy! Try using this checklist and dividing up the tasks with anyone else at home. A room by room guide will help insure you don’t miss anything important and your home will look it’s best.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for your Open House

  1. This is a great check list. I should give it to one of the brokers with the agency my house is listed with. When ever I ask for a heads up on appointments so I can do a quick tidy up she says, “oh don’t worry about it. People can see some one is living in the house.” Drives me nuts. That, and the brokers who show up without an appointment, when I’m not at home. Good thing my neighbors keep an eye on my place.

  2. Hard to believe a realtor wouldn’t care if you tidied up. You only have one chance to make a first impression and potential buyers really need to see the house at it’s best. Keep insisting on notice before showings, you don’t want buyers to have any reason to reduce the price.

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